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we could all be ravens

every flight begins with a fall

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...A Bran Stark and Robb/Bran supporting community for A Game of Thrones...

we are ravens

we could all be ravens

Even in the dark room, Bran could feel his brother's smile. "And afterward, we'll ride north to see the Wall. We won't even tell Jon we're coming, we'll just be there one day, you and me. It will be an adventure."
"An adventure," Bran repeated wistfully. He heard his brother sob. The room was so dark he could not see the tears on Robb's face, so he reached out and found his brother's hand. Their fingers twined together.
-a game of thrones

and live in Maester Luwin's rookery

we are ravens

He wished Robb were with them now. I'd tell him I could fly, but he wouldn't believe, so I'd have to show him. I bet that he could learn to fly too, him and Arya and Sansa, even baby Rickon and Jon Snow. We could all be ravens and live in Maester Luwin's rookery.-Bran, a dance with dragons

we are ravens

This is a community for fans of Bran Stark. Any fanworks and pairings are deeply and happily welcomed here (but with a slight focus on Robb/Bran from yours truly that you can please feel free to ignore if you do not ship it!), and all of them will be loved. <3

Thank you so much. <3 I hope any members feel welcome here. You are loved. <3

we are ravens

...'till i return...

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