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This is a community for fans of Bran Stark. Any fanworks and pairings are deeply and happily welcomed here (but with a slight focus on Robb/Bran from yours truly that you can please feel free to ignore if you do not ship it!), and all of them will be loved. <3 Please follow a few rules, however!

a. Please don't post any discriminatory (racist, homophobic, ableist, sexist, transphobic, religious-discrimination, etc.) content, unless the discrimination is part of a fanwork or something like this, in which case a trigger-warning should be placed.
b. Trigger-warnings would also be nice to have on any violent, graphic, or particularly clearly triggery content (i.e. things involving non-con, dub-con, mental illness, underage, etc.)--, if you are unsure of what does and does not require a trigger-warning, please go to this list of triggers here which should clarify things a bit. If you are ever unsure of if some content you are posting requires a warning, please contact your mod! If you are worried about posting because you are hesitant to accidentally post triggery content and not know it, please don't worry: if something you post is deemed needing of a warning, a mod will comment on your post asking you to add a warning, and that is all. If a warning is not added to your post after you have been asked to add one, you could be banned or suspended as a member. Please try your best on this--, a moment of your time to add a warning can truly help somebody who might have otherwise stumbled across it without knowing and gotten hurt. Thank you very much!
c. Please make use of LJ-cuts, fake-cuts, etc. for any images, discussions, fics, or content. Small images can be outside of a cut within reason (hopefully less than 500x500), and questions and discussions that aren't too long can be as well...nobody will be too picky about it, so please do not worry too terribly much, but just use common-sense and do what you feel is right in regards to cuts. However, it is preferable if all fanfiction can be under a cut, along with a header.
d. Please include a header with any stories you may post. There are no particular requirements in formatting and information included and such, just add in basic things like a title, pairing, and summary. It makes it easier for persons to find interest in whatever it is you are posting, and it seems much more convenient for most everybody.
e. Please put any and all spoilers you have behind a cut with a warning (for example, spoilers for recent episodes and information in the books). Most don't want to be spoiled.
f. Please keep any fanworks centered around the television-show. George R. R. Martin has expressed that he does not wish for fanworks centered around his books, and hopefully we can all respect his wishes. Clearly quotes, discussions, etc. can be held about the books, but fanfiction and such cannot be blatantly written centered around the books.
g. Please keep posts on topic: everything should be about Bran, or at the least involve him in some way, as this is a Bran-centered community (this means no introduction posts and things like this).
h. Please don't bash any characters. Expressing your personal dislike respectfully is fine, but keep in mind that not everybody does or should feel the same way you do, and outright bashing is discouraged here.
i. Please don't link to f-locked content!
j. If you want to affiliate, please just ask (with a pm to my personal journal or in the comments of this post or otherwise)! Ask and you shall receive. <3333
k. If you have any questions, please message my personal journal or leave any questions and comments you might have right here, on this post. I am not very competent and so a lot of this might be very unclear, but...
l. ...mostly, just use your basic instincts on what and how you post. If you need help with anything, please just ask! Don't worry too much about anything. Let's be a safe-space for everybody! We're happy to have you. <3

And thank you so, so, so much to fawned who made me the layout and a lot of the gifs and holds my hand throughout all of the making-of processes. ;.; <3

Thank you so much. <3 I hope any members feel welcome here. I love you. <3

i love you
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