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Welcome to any new members here in weareravens! ;.; <3 If anybody wants me to write them a drabble or a ficlet about Bran, please request it here! I do not think too terribly many persons will be joining, so it shouldn't be a problem at all, but I will probably only be able to write for the first five or ten or so people who comment with a request (but if there is more than that, I will try my best to write for you if you want me to! ;.; <3).

Please keep it centered around Bran, but any pairings (or no pairings) are accepted and loved ever-so much! <3 If you want to, please include a prompt (it can be a quote, a situation, a word, a type of genre, or anything you can think up) and any characters and pairings you want included in it. And, and, and, please keep any of your requests you might be making centered around the television-show Game of Thrones, and not the books (quotes from the book can be used, and things like this, but please just center it around the tv-series)...any clarifications on this that you may need can always be found in the rules. Don't be scared, okay? <3 Request anything that you want!

If you see somebody make a request in here that you want to write too, please feel free to fill it as well! I will try my best and write for everybody, but anybody else who wants to join-in on the writing can do so if they'd like...it may take me a while to write and I cannot guarantee anything but I will try my very, very, very best.

Welcome and it is nice to meet you and I hope you will be as happy to be here as I am to have you here. -twirls- *0* <3333

can i be close to you?
Tags: fanwork, fic, mod, poster: shesayslove, raven, request, welcome, writing
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